Hopper Bottom Silo

Hopper Bottom Silos are generally built on fabricated steel structures with the conical bottom made of steel plates and the corrugated sheets performed are assembled with bolts and nuts on circular purlins and vertical stiffeners with waterproof washers, cylindrically above the conical hopper with a sloped roof in the top. Ladders to climb and get into the silos, handrails, manholes etc are provided. The grains will be discharged by gravity to the bucket elevator/belt conveyor for onward conveying. These silos can also be built on the top of the concrete conical hopper with beams and columns built in situ. Aeration, ventilation, temperature monitoring system as required are all provided to the built hopper bottom silos. Normally these steel silos are recommended for storage up to 500 tones of grains like paddy having the density of less than 550kg/m3. Alternatively, there is another option which is flat bottom grain silos.

Characteristics of Hopper Bottom Silos

Hopper Bottom Silos are multipurpose and are suitable for grain processing plants, animal feed plants, grain milling plants, and poultry houses.
Hopper Bottom Silos are manufactured in capacities capacities ranging from 43 m3 to 2,016 m3 with diameters from3.82 meters to 10.70 meters.
Everyday offers hopper bottom silos in diameters from 2.74m to 12.79m.
Dynamic Analysis of silo structural stability is carried out considering the seismic zone and wind loads of respective areas where the silos will be installed.
Zincalume steels sheets are used in the manufacturing of the silos, which are able to withstand strength 350Mpa.
Standard angle for bottom hopper of a silo is 45 degrees. However, the bottom hoppers of angle 50, 55, 60 degrees may also be manufactured on request.

Characteristics of Flat Bottom & Silos

Everyday Steels able to offer a kind of Our silos with a cylindrical body and 30º sloped roof are designed to store grains,seeds and pelletized products. Everyday Steels Silos engineering team designs its silos pursuant to various standards in order to adapt to its customers’ needs including European EUROCODE and US ANSI standards.

Scientific method of storage i.e. bulk storage.
No wastage of gunny bags due to bulk grain storage.
Requires less space app (1/4) compared to go down storage of same capacity.
Mechanized handling with automation requires no manpower hence handling cost is less.
Zincalume steels sheets are used in the manufacturing of the silos, which are able to withstand strength 350Mpa.
Quality of the stored grain maintained by aeration system along with temperature monitoring device.