About Us

At Everyday Steel ™ we pride our experience team,best technical solution continue innovation and best services in the world. With 7+ years of experience in manufacturing, erection facility we have started and committed to create innovative Ideas for Storage Tanks and Storage Silos through constant research and development. We are pledged to deliver the best quality and innovative technologies to our clients, keeping up with the ever-changing requirements of the industry. Our company/team has earned an expertise in fabricating and engineering steel structures in multiple dimensions. We provide design & manufacturing engineering support, outstanding customer service, consistent product quality, and on-time delivery of our products. The combination of our Zincalume technology and our experienced engineering staff allows us to Serve our clients best.

Our Capabilities & Investigationes

Our Manufacturing unit is Set up to 1000 sqmt in Greater Noida.
All our products are ISO certified and also certified by chartered structural engineers for longevity and durability.
Our capabilities to make cylindrical tanks from 10 Cubic meters to 6,000 cubic meters and Grain silos from 50MT to 12,500MT in volume.
Everyday Steel Team has wide experience of handling turnkey projects in India and export markets in Nigeria, Chad, Zambia, Egypt, Sudan, Dubai, Thailand, Philippines, Nepal and many more.
Everyday Steel Steels uses the best of all the world with the technology from USA, Raw material from Australia and manufacturing in India. This gives us the advantage of offering most advanced state of the art product with most competitive pricing.

Everyday steel's Technology & Durability

Everyday Steel ™ in a strong corrugated profile and are stiffened with unique ‘W’ stiffeners with much higher strength and reliability than normal one. Our unique profiled technology of uniform pitch and depth makes it a premium one as it acts as a structural reinforcement and shock absorber for earth movement or soil subsidence.

Zincalume steel was first released by BlueScope steel in 1976 and very quickly replaced Galvanized steel in the construction market largely due to Zincalume superior corrosion resistance and long life; Zincalume has 4 times the life of Galvanized steel;The composition in which the steel sheets are dipped is made up of 55% aluminum, 43.5% zinc and 1.5% silicon. This coating is done at a temperature of 600C and combines superior corrosion resistance of aluminum with the cut edge protection of zinc. Material used in tanks & silos are ZINCALUME® Steel manufactured by Tata Bluescope; an equal joint venture between Tata Steels Ltd. and Bluescope Steels of Australia.Our ZINCALUME® steel has both the galvanic/sacrificial protection and barrier protection which makes it the most preferred option for roofing and walling applications around the world.

ZINCALUME® Steel has an alloy coating weight of 55% Aluminum (80% by Volume), 43.5% Zinc & 1.5% Silicon with 150gram/m2 coating weight is distributed equally on both sides of the coated strip. These sheets worldwide have set the standard for corrosion resistance and long life and are manufactured as per Australian Standard AS 1397:2002, American Standard ASTM A792M and Indian Standards IS 15961:2012 & ISO 9364. We provide ZINCALUME® steel which is extensively tested in laboratory and in actual conditions, to evaluate its corrosion resistance performance in different environments. It is particularly preferred for the tropical climates and marine environments.